Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Edible Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Surely Enjoy

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A wedding is not only a happy occasion for the newlyweds but for everyone who comes to celebrate the joyous occasion with them. As part of tradition, the groom and the bride show their appreciation to guests for taking time off heir busy schedules to attend the wedding by giving away wedding favors.

Where did it all begin?
Giving away wedding favors can be traced back to the 16th century when European aristocrats, notably the French and Italian, would give away bonbonnieres to wedding guests. A bonbonniere comes in the form of a small fancy box, encrusted with stones and crystals, filled with confectionery delicacies. Sugar was expensive during this era, thereby making the treat something for guests to really look forward to.

Wedding Favors from Around the Globe
In the Middle East, it is customary for the bride to give away small gifts as a sign of good luck for her marriage. This usually comes in the form of five almonds as a symbol for wealth, health, happiness, fertility and longevity. In Spain, men are given cigars while in Russia,wedding favors come in the form of small trinkets. In India, it is considered good luck to give guests hand-crafted elephant for a wedding favor. In Ireland, small wedding bells are usually given to guests after the wedding. 

In modern times, the option for wedding favors has become limitless subject to the preference of the bride and the groom. But if you want to keep with tradition, you can give away edible wedding favors that guests will surely enjoy.

Here are some great edible wedding favor ideas that will surely delight guests at any wedding: 

Baked goodies. Sugar cookies with the newlywed's names on them. 

Cookie Cakes. Layered cookies that are assembled to look like miniature cakes.

Mini-cakes. Instead of cutting your wedding cake and sharing it during the reception, why not give away mini-versions of it for guests to take home and enjoy!

A Snack Box should come in handy after an evening of partying and dancing.

Eye-candy and Yummy Cake Pops

 Macarons that come in different flavors and colors.

Just the right sweetness and tartness that only goes with Caramel Apples.

Something for a cold winter morning - specially blended Cocoa Mix.

Take advantage of the bountiful harvest by giving away Fruit Baskets.

Assorted Fruits in season would work as well.

Here's a kitchen staple that could stay as enduring as the newlywed's love for one another - Honey.

Celebrate local flavors with homemade Jams and Spreads.

Share with your guests treats that you and your partner enjoy like Popcorn

and Rice Krispies.

Mulled Wine and Cider in Miniature Bottles that guests can keep or enjoy as they please.

Chocolate Indulgence. Buy your favorite chocolates and dress them up in your wedding color motif.

Personalized M 'n Ms.

Hand-crafted chocolates especially made for your wedding day.

Give away some kitchen staples like herb-infused oils and vinegar.

Or Rosemary Sea Salt that will make your guests' culinary experience more enjoyable.

Tip: Your choice of wedding favor, just like all the other elements of your wedding reflects your personality. Choose wisely, and go for the option that you and your guests would enjoy and rave about for many years to come.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Personalize your Wedding with Wedding Monograms

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A wedding is a great opportunity to showcase the personalities of the bride and groom. Couples can opt for a wedding depending on the mood or motif of their choice. A green wedding for those who love nature, beach wedding for beach lovers and a weekend wedding getaway for globe trotters.It's the personal touch that makes every wedding more meaningful and special. Same goes with the minutest of wedding details. We love seeing elements in a wedding that depict the couple’s personal identity like in the use of wedding monograms.
What’s in a Monogram?
Monograms refer to a set of letters that are combined to represent a mark of a person or family. In history, monograms have been associated with royalty or aristocracy. It has been marked on coins and currency to identify the rulers from its origin. Its use eventually expanded. Monograms were used by artists and guilds to mark their work or creation. And these days, we see them being used by designers and corporations as a mark of their identity, hence the eponymous LV will forever be associated with Louis Vuitton and GE for General Electric.
Wedding Monograms
Monograms found its way to weddings when British royals decided to have their initials printed on wedding souvenirs. The elaborate and decorative design is added for personality and identity. The trend must have caught up with the commons and now, we see them used in weddings of modern day couples.
Proper Wedding Monogram Etiquette
You might wonder if there is a hard and fast rule about creating a monogram. Traditionally, the answer is yes. Wedding monograms are constructed using three letters: the initials of the bride and groom, usually in small letters flanked by a bigger letter in the middle representing the initial of the last name of the newlywed couple. But these days, it could just be the couple's initials and the the use of typeface or font and integration of designs are just preferential and would really depend on the couple’s personal taste.
While traditionally, wedding monograms are used in wedding souvenirs, its application has become limitless and could be used with any wedding element. 
Here are several ingenious ways of personalizing your wedding through the use of wedding monograms: 
Embroidered monogram on a wedding dress to keep up with the something blue tradition. 

 Monogram embroidered on the wedding veil. 

In true royal tradition, announce your upcoming wedding by including your monogram on your wedding invite. 

Your monogram stamped on personalized hangers to hang your wedding dress with.

Floral arrangement to adorn the church door. 
Garland wreath with the couple's monogram prominently displayed at the wedding ceremony venue.

A lovely monogrammed wedding aisle runner that can be handed down to the next generation as a family tradition. 
Something for the bride and bridesmaids - monogrammed ribbons to go with their floral bouquets. 

Here's something we're seeing in weddings these days - Gobo. The couple's monogram projected to a wall as an awesome backdrop at the wedding reception. 

Here's a cool variation, the wedding monogram projected on the dance floor.

Simple, elegant and classy wedding cake with monogrammed initials of the newlyweds. 

Monogram cake toppers to adorn an specially made wedding cake.

We are loving this wooden monogram guest book. It will definitely find its way as a decor in the couple's new home. 

Wedding souvenirs packed in lovely monogrammed boxes. 

Have fun creating your personalized monogram!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wedding Color Inspiration: Toasted Almond

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Set the mood by choosing a color that will harmonize all the elements that you want to incorporate into your wedding.  Wedding colors are a great way of adding personality to a wedding. You can choose a vibrant color and go wacky or you can choose a subtle shade and go for something elegant and classy. If you want to go for a minimalist look, go for one of Pantone's Spring Colors for 2015 - Toasted Almond.

Toasted almond is best described as a "sun-tanned neutral" that emulates warmth and comfort. It is both timeless and versatile and blends pretty well with an au naturel wedding theme. Here are some ways you can have a wedding in this subtle hue:

 Colored wedding dresses are very much in style in 2015 and this dress will definitely make a great choice for the bride who's skipping the white wedding dress tradition.

Chic bouquet of Sahara roses and champagne colored flowers for the bride.

Sexy shoes to match that colored wedding dress.

Sweet and charming pink tie to go with a toasted almond jacket.

Something out of the ordinary. Feathers on a breast pocket instead of the usual boutonniere.

The bridesmaids in gorgeous long toasted almond dresses.

And the flower girls lovely and giggly in tulle skirts, lace and ribbons.

Chandeliers and flowers add a classic touch to any wedding ceremony venue.

 A warm welcome. Usher guests to their seats with this banner at the start of the aisle.

Candelabras and flowers arranged in varying heights make it all so dramatic.

A breath of opulence and elegance at the wedding reception with simple floral arrangements topped with chandelier and hanging floral decorations.

 It's all about the skirting. Dress tables to make them look more classy and elegant.

Take advantage of the good weather by taking the wedding reception outdoors.

The guests' name artistically written on each place card.

An eye-candy wedding cake displayed at the center of the wedding reception.

Sweets for sweet guests to partake.

Make an elegant display out of the wedding favors you wish to share with the guests who attended the party.

Or have them bring home something wrapped with love.

Remember to make your wedding something that you will cherish and treasure for many years to come!

Lots of Love, 

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