Friday, November 20, 2015

Guide to Being an Awesome Bridesmaid

A wedding is never deemed complete without a wedding entourage. Bridesmaids have been part of the tradition of weddings. Not much is known about its origins but perhaps it was borne out of the need to have witnesses during the ceremony. The Bible cites that in the story of Jacob his two wives Leah and Rachel both came with their own maids during the wedding.  Although, they were handmaidens or servants and neither friends nor relatives of the bride and groom. In Roman times, bridesmaids were dressed exactly like the bride. This is said to confuse the evil spirits who want to cause havoc to the happy couple. Also, it is done to ward off vengeful suitors or thugs who want to hurt the bride or steal her dowry. It was not until the wedding of Queen Victoria when bridesmaids began wearing white dresses and short veils to set them a bit apart from the bride.

So what exactly should you expect if you were asked by a friend or a relative to be a bridesmaid at her wedding? Let’s have a look at what is expected of the modern bridesmaid:

The To-Go-to-Girl. The bridesmaid helps the bride accomplish things in her wedding checklist. This includes important stuff like picking the wedding dress and scouting for venue for the pre-wedding photoshoot, the engagement party, the wedding ceremony and reception. It may also involve nitty gritty details that could mean the whole world between an awesome wedding and a memorable one. This may involve stuff like, choosing decorations and favors, helping the bride and the groom with the bridal registry, taking care of wedding invites and finalizing the seating arrangement. 

The party planner. Although it is not mandatory, the bridesmaid together with the Maid of Honor do the honors of throwing a Bachelorette party and the bridal shower for the bride. It’s a chance for the girls to have some clean fun before their favorite gal becomes the Mrs. Likewise, the bridesmaid may help out during the rehearsal dinner.

Unwavering Presence and Full Support. The bridesmaid is expected to be present in all of the pre-wedding and wedding day activities. This includes the bridal shower, bachelorette party, bridesmaids’ lunch, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. And of course, to be with the bride to help her get through her wedding jitters and look her best on her wedding day. Offer the bride some food or water and keep her at ease while waiting for the ceremony to start.

Pitch in on the Cost. Weddings entail cost. And while the bulk of the expenses are to be paid by the couple and their families, the bridesmaids are expected to pay for their dresses (which they get to keep, of course), shoes and travel (if the wedding is happening out-of-town). The bridesmaid, along with the maid of honor, may also chip in for a group wedding or shower gift for the bride. Depending on the couple’s budget, bridesmaids may be asked to pay for hair, make-up, manicure and pedicure during the wedding.

Say Something Nice. While the task of honoring the newlyweds may fall on the maid of honor and the best man, it pays to be ready with an anecdote or two which you could share along with your well wishes for the newlywed couple.

Look Awesome. Being a bridesmaid is a reason to doll up and really look the part. To prepare for the special day, the bridesmaids can organize a bridal shower on a spa to relax and get a mani/pedi. So that during the wedding, they can all feel refreshed and relieved of the stresses of planning the wedding.

Have Fun. The bridesmaid must remember that the wedding is an occasion to celebrate and she is not exempted from having fun. She is expected to mingle with the guests and hit the dance floor along with the rest when the music kicks in. The bridesmaid should also participate in all the wedding day activities including the catching of the bouquet. 

Take Pictures. While the couple could opt to hire the services of a photographer, the bridesmaids can take pictures and chronicle the behind the scenes preparations leading to the wedding up to the events that will unfold after the celebration. This will make a great backstory to a great occasion.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wedding Decor Ideas: Photo Centerpieces

Happy greetings to everyone!

Indeed, a picture could paint a thousand words. We enjoy looking at photos of the groom and bride, how they were as individuals and how they are as a couple in love about to  formalize their commitment to each other through marriage. A wedding is a perfect opportunity to provide family and friends a glimpse into the couple's loves story. 

In the past, we've featured an article about engagement photos  and how they can be showcased at a wedding. For this article, we are giving you another great idea for weddings - Photo centerpieces. 

Here is a  collection of must-consider adorable photo centerpieces:

 The Accordion. A funky way of sharing your favorite couple pictures at the wedding reception.

Make it personal. Wrap flower vases with the couple's pictures .

If you have a flare for drama, make a statement by placing the couple's photos in a cloche.

 Give your guests a glimpse of the past by sharing the couple's pictures at every age. 

or perhaps, by year.

Simple DIY decor. Transform a mason jar into an interesting centerpiece. Line them with the couple's favorite pictures and adorn with elements that go with the wedding theme or color palette like some twigs and vines for a beach wedding

or music sheets for a music themed wedding.

Illuminated photo frames with battery operated candles make a great centerpiece and wedding giveaway

Share fun facts about the couple in each of the table number photo centerpiece.

How about an artsy photo bouquet of the couple's pictures?

Add a feel of nostalgia by using old soda bottles as vases filled with flowers and pictures.

Create a visual impact with a picture tree centerpiece

Add a rustic polaroid to a shabby chic centerpiece. 

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Wedding Inspiration: Fall Wedding Centerpieces


Hello to all our Lots of Love Readers!

Who would dare not fall in love with fall? Its rich colors of reds and oranges make an awesome backdrop for an Autumn Wedding. Unlike spring and summer where you have an abundance of colors to work with, fall weddings are typically more subdued and leaned towards more earthly tones. We have compiled some gorgeous centerpieces which will perfectly fit in any wedding during this season. 

Gorgeous display of flowers in vibrant colors of green, red and orange. 

Fill tall vases with flowers that drop on the sides for some added drama. 

Jars wrapped in twigs make an eye-catching vase for flowers in bloom 

Turquoise and Orange. Work with a color motif that blends well with the season.

You can never go wrong with votive candles and orchids in tall clear vases.

Combine elements like candles, twigs and flowers to create an awesome centerpiece.

Work with Lanterns. Adorn lanterns with flowers for a rustic effect.

Add texture and color to your centerpiece by bundling together mason jars in different wraps filled with an assortment of flowers.

For a woodland wedding, create a centerpiece made of wood adorned with flowers arranged in gold painted mason jars and accessorized with candle and pumpkin. 

Go nuts with a hazelnut centerpiece topped with flowers.

Pumpkin surprise. Stack pumpkins in tall clear glasses to add a striking contrast to chocolate brown linens.

Wow guests by transforming hallowed out butternut squash into vases to hold colorful flowers.

Alternately, you can use a pumpkin as a vase filled with a lively selection of autumn blooms.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Flower Power: 15 Awesome Wedding Flower Walls

Colorful greetings for all Lots of Love Readers!

Flower walls have been around for a long time now but it has taken a center stage during the wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The floor to ceiling white flower backdrop became a sensation overnight and has become an inspiration for many weddings and special occasions.

You too can have your very own flower wall backdrop at your wedding. You can infuse your own creativity and preference to the flowers and plants that you will use to suit your theme, wedding motif or color palette. Here are 15 equally awesome flower walls that you can draw inspiration from:

Pretty in pink and red.

Framed. A picture perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

Bursting with color. An ombre flower wall provides the ideal contrast to the natural greenery in an outdoor wedding.
Artsy installation of bundled flowers arranged in varying heights suspended on a wall.

Bring the outdoors in by mounting some greens on a wall.

Flower vases create texture and add perspective to a flower wall backdrop. 
A fitting backdrop for a bohemian wedding - Stringed flowers hanging on a wall.

Wood lattice adorned with flowers give a vintage vibe to a wedding reception.

Repurpose wooden crates into a super cool DIY wedding ceremony backdrop with floral accents
Circles and plants. Guests would definitely enjoy having their pictures taken with this fascinating background.

Simply adorable. Decorate a white wall with ferns and you never have to worry about a boring backdrop.

An air plant curtain can easily become the center of attraction at a garden wedding.

Decorate like a pro. Tuck flowers of different colors and varieties on a wall.

Paper flowers are great substitute for fresh flowers. You can combine it with fabric.

Or you can fill a whole wall with vibrant colored paper flowers to enhance the festive mood of the occasion. 

Lots of Love, 

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