Tuesday, May 19, 2015

20 Crafty Wedding Candle Centerpieces

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One of the most popularized wedding decor are candles. They come in many shapes and sizes and they add warmth and enhance the ambiance of any wedding venue. Depending on the design you have in mind, you can use different kinds of candles to achieve different visual effects. Pillar candles are solid, sturdy, self-standing candles that come in round, square and other designs. Taper candles are long and slender candles that are used with candle holders for safe burning. Gel candles, on the other hand, are made of mineral oils or synthetic hydrocarbons. Floating candles, as the name suggests, are designed to float on water. There is also the luminaria popularly used outdoor and placed in container with sand, votive candles placed in small containers, tealight candles or small filled candles in metal containers or tealight holdersand container or filled candles that take the shape of its container. 

Here are 20 crafty ways of using candles are wedding centerpiece:

1. Tapered candles on silver and gold spray-painted bottles make a great Art Deco centerpiece for a Gatsby or 20s themed wedding.

2. Pillar candles accentuated with burlap, twines and flowers.

3. Table runner of loose petals and tealight candles

4.Wrap candle holders with your favorite herb to make a simple and appealing centerpiece.

5. Vintage tea cups filled with candle wax which guests can take home as souvenir of your wedding. 

6. Photo Candle Centerpiece. Showcase creative photos of the bride and groom with back lit candles.

7. Magnify the warm glow of candles by using glass and mirrors

8. Elegant and gorgeous display of candles suspended on tall trays with stringed flowers draped over tables.

9. A votive tree made of white manzanita branch adorned with flower garlands, crystals and votive candles.

10. Simple rustic centerpiece of succulents and candles.

11. Beach wedding centerpiece of candles towering over a bed of sea glass, starfish and brown sugar or beach sand (if available).

12. Multi-tier gel candle centerpiece. Personalized tealight holders will also make a great place card and wedding favor. 

13. Alternately arrange lanterns with candles and flowers.

14. Group mason jars filled with candles in threes and adorn with flowers.

15. Floating candles and flowers add a romantic touch to a wedding reception venue.

16. Add color to your centerpiece by using colored stones that match your wedding motif.

17. Dine like royalty in a wedding reception venue with candelabra centerpiece adorned with flowers, crystals and taper candles.

18. Charming display of candles, crystals and pedestals.
19. Alternately line tables with tall candle holders and bouquets of  flowers.

20. For a country wedding, place pillar candles in wood slabs of varying heights.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

20 Ways to Dress Up Wedding Chairs

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It's the tiny little wedding details that get the most attention especially when they blend with your wedding motif. For instance, wedding chairs. They can serve a simple purpose of getting your guests settled down, but with a little twist, you can transform it into a gorgeous display that will enhance the overall look you want to achieve for your wedding ceremony or wedding reception. 

Here are 20 ways you can dress up chairs at your wedding:

1. Shabby Chic. Elegant heart with floral accent

2. Simple touch. Single flower tucked on every chair.

3. Charming. Drape chairs with flower garlands and ribbons.

4. Floral Bouquet Souvenir. Guests can bring home gorgeous floral bouquets tucked on their chairs. For a dramatic effect, add a tassel on your display. 

5. Aromatic. For a woodland wedding, tuck lavender sprigs and other herbs on tulle boughs.

6. Monogrammed. Adorn the couple's initials with baby's breath and hang them on chairs.

7.Vibrant. Large Flower chair caps that transform your wedding reception venue into a virtual garden of flowers.

8. Elegant. Flower Pom Decorations

9. Simple DIY Decor. Paper Heart Garlands.

10. Eco-Friendly. Paper fans of varying colors and sizes

11. Nostalgic. Guests will surely enjoy looking at the pictures of the couple hanging on chairs.

12. Creative. Tulle Sash on Tiffany chairs.

13. Festive. Dress chairs with colorful ribbons

14. Glam. Gold sequined chair caps great for a Gatsby or gold themed wedding.

15. Pretty. Ruffled fabric that resemble the bride's gown.

16. Thematic. Winter Wedding Decors.

17. Elegant. Ribbon and Crystal Swag

18. Playful. Keep to your beach theme with starfish and shell decorations.

19. Whimsical. Over the top chair covers that resemble gowns and dresses.

20. Fun. Put a smile on the newlywed's face with these chair caps.
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

15 Wedding Bar Ideas

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A wedding will not be complete without a wedding reception to cap the celebration. Traditionally, a wedding reception is held after the wedding ceremony to show appreciation to family, relatives and friends who took time in their busy schedules to stand witness to the union of two people in love. The host serve food, drinks and wedding cake. Entertainment is also provided for everyone's enjoyment. 

One way to spice up the wedding reception is by setting-up a wedding bar. It is a fun and exciting way to get everyone up in their toes, make their way to the bar and indulge. It is also a sure way of getting people to mingle at the wedding reception.

Here are 15 Wedding Bar Ideas that your guests will surely enjoy!

Serve drinks in an all you can drink bar

Order your favorite brew from local suppliers and set up a beer bar.

If you feel like splurging a little, rent out a Camper Bar that serves cocktail drinks for your guests' delight.

Juice Bar filled with healthy refreshments

For winter weddings, keep guests warm with your very own blend of hot choco and coffee beverages

Here are some guilt-free indulgence for the health conscious: 

Fresh Green Salad

Fruits in seasons


All you can eat pancake anytime of the day.

Make your own taco

Assorted sushi and maki

Serve something fresh from your very own kitchen:
Cookies that go perfectly well with a glass of warm milk.

 Fruity, sweet and tasty pies

 Cakes, cupcakes and pastries

Dress your own donut

Everything Sweet!

Candies, lollipop, jelly beans and everything candied

Mix your own popcorn

You need not break your budget in order to have a great wedding reception. All you need is a little imagination and a whole lot of fun from the simple things that you enjoy the most.

Lots of Love, 

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