Wednesday, April 22, 2015

15 Refreshing Fruity Wedding Drinks

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To kick off a great wedding reception, serve some refreshments to welcome your guests. Spring and summer weddings give us a reason to serve something fun and exciting like fruity cocktails. They not only taste great but they can also be tailored to blend with the over-all wedding theme. The vibrant colors of fruits add to the festive occasion. You can choose to serve welcome drinks in the same color as your wedding theme. There is an unlimited variety of drinks and refreshments to choose from.You can choose to serve alcoholic drinks for the grown-ups' indulgence and non-alcoholic drinks for everyone, even the kids, to enjoy. 

Here are 15 refreshing fruity drinks you can serve guests at your wedding:

Something Bold - Blackberry Gin Fizz with a sprig of mint served in mason jars.

Something delightfully refreshing - Blood Orange Margarita. 

Something light and bubbly - Cranberry Cider Fizz

A twist on the ordinary - Pink Lemonade Cocktail

Fruity Raspberry Beer Cocktail served in personalized glasses that can be given away as wedding favors

Summer Indulgence - Watermelon and Coconut Water Breeze

Smooth and Refreshing - Roasted Blueberry Margarita

Fresh and Exciting - Citrus Mint Cocktail

 Kiwi Coolers that will keep guests coming back for more

Tropical Treat - Pineapple Orange Margarita

Something sweet and tangy - Tangerini

 Something Tasty - Green Apple Margarita

Something Cool and Revitalizing - Sweet Honeydew Smoothie

Something Simple and Sweet - Peach Cooler

Fruit Punch for everyone's delight.

Tip: You can also serve an assortment of smoothies for everyone to enjoy.
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wedding Color Inspiration: Blue and Green Wedding

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Spring makes us think of outdoor weddings taking advantage of the lush foliage and the great weather. Outdoor weddings are great because it saves you on decorations as you take into account the beauty of the natural surroundings. Depending on your venue of choice, it can be a beautiful garden, the beach, the woodside or country setting. 

We're looking into one color combination that works well for an outdoor wedding - dusk blue and treetop green. Both colors are included in Pantone's 2015 Spring and Summer Color Collection. Both colors blend really well with nature. Dusk Blue is a reflection of the blue sky. It's a soothing color that radiates calmness and peace. Treetop green, on the other hand, is a lush green color that speaks of restoration and new beginnings, reminiscent of spring. It makes a great background to other shades. It is also easy on the eyes and has a relaxing effect.

Dusk blue and treetop green makes a great color choice for a spring or summer outdoor wedding. Here are some wedding details worth considering:

Say your marriage vows amidst the company of family,friends and this lush greenery as backdrop.

Everything green in a bouquet.

Blue and white wedding bouquet.

Thinking of something blue for your wedding? Go with the trend and wear this blue wedding dress.

The bride flocked with her favorite girls in dusk blue dresses

Sleek and smart tie for the groom.

Go for interesting floral centerpieces

Hanging plants are an inexpensive and practical decor for any wedding venue.

Linens that reflect the blue summer sky. 

Hanging floral arrangements bring the wow factor to any wedding reception venue.

Tall floral arrangement of blue hydrangeas and wild flowers will surely keep the conversation going at the reception.

Ain't this cake adorned with flowers perfect for a lovely wedding celebration?

A modern twist to the regular wedding cake - a multilayer wedding cupcake display that can be shared by everyone at the wedding reception.

Spread your good luck in love by giving away this keychain with encased four-leaf clover. 

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Wedding Ideas

Happy greetings everyone! Christians all over the world just finished celebrating Easter Sunday, the festival and holiday that marks the culmination of the Passion of Christ. Many look at the long weekend as a reason to plan a reunion with family and friends. And what better way to celebrate than to have an Easter wedding!

Apart from its religious origins, Easter has been a favorite holiday among kids and kids at heart. Everything Easter is colorful and full of fun. There's the traditional egg hunting, the Easter parade and Easter bunny. Not to mention the many Easter foods that are served to celebrate the occasion.

We are putting together these Easter-inspired wedding elements that are sure to be a hit on any Easter wedding. 

For a church wedding, consider decorating the church entrance with a floral arch that's photo-op worthy.

Pastel colored flowers are a popular choice for Easter weddings.

Add a splash of color to the groom's suit with a cheerful boutonniere of ranunculus, yellow acacia and variegated kale

A playful choice for bridesmaids: patterned dresses

Sweet and romantic: long pleated pastel dresses for the bridesmaids

Dainty dresses for the little wedding helpers

Floral wedding arch and hanging floral decors.

Zesty wedding aisle decorations.

Hanging string ornaments reminiscent of Easter eggs.

Take the Easter theme to a whole new level with this elegant table setting of candelabras adorned with pictures of the bride and groom, egg shaped candles and flowers.

Light and colorful table setting of flowers in vases of various shapes and sizes.

Add a playful touch on your table setting with this bunny fold napkin.

Elegant table setting in gold and pink.

Cheerful floral centerpiece of bunny decors and ombre floral arrangement.

Mount a floral backdrop that would make a great background for souvenir wedding photos.

Treat guests to unlimited strawberry refreshment.

Wedding treats tucked in place cards.

Instead of the usual bride and groom topper, why not opt for bunny cake topper?

Spring wedding cake of birds and floral decorations.

Cake balls are a fun way of sharing desserts on your wedding day.

Mini cakes for everyone to enjoy at the party or taken home as wedding favors. 

Don't forget to share with your guests traditional Easter treats.

Tip: Make your wedding a reason to celebrate love, life and fellowship with people close to your heart. Happy Easter!

Lots of Love,

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