Wednesday, November 26, 2014

5 Black Friday Tips for Wedding Preppers

You bet everybody is gearing up for Black Friday! And for wedding preppers, this is a great opportunity to find the best deals for the items you’re going to need for your big day. We’ve run into this great article by thebudgetsavvybride about how brides can benefit from Black Friday and we’ve decided to make our own version of Black Friday Tips for Wedding Preppers. Here goes: 

#1. Every wedding prepper could use a wedding planning checklist. With all the preparations for your wedding, you need to get things organized so you can optimize the use of  your resources. Check your list and see which items you can buy on Black Friday. Perhaps, you can get your hands on some jewelry which you can give as a thank you gift to the bridesmaids at your wedding. 

#2. Be time-conscious.  Take some time to map out stores that you plan on visiting. Find out about their opening times so you would know which ones you have to visit first. This should save you time and help you cover more ground.

#3. Research. Get hold of those Black Friday Ads and mark those good buys that you plan on getting. You can do this online or you can check the Thanksgiving newspapers. If you plan on making your own wedding favors, check if the supplies that you need are on sale and make a grab for it!

#4. Stock up on coupons. Make sure you bring them during your Black Friday shopping spree so you can buy more with less!

#5. Shop with a purpose. Prioritize items which you would not normally find on sale on regular occasions. Already got your eyes on an off-the-rack wedding dress? A new suit? Or your wedding band? Check out stores that are most likely to have these things on sale and go ahead and make that purchase.

Don’t be disappointed if you will find that not everything on your wedding shopping list is on sale on Black Friday. You can still make the most of the occasion by buying other stuff that you will need around the house or the office. Savings is still savings no matter. And you can always set aside whatever amount you have saved from your purchases and add it to your wedding fund. 

Happy Wedding Shopping!

Lots of love, 

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Celebrating a Thanksgiving Wedding

Greetings to our Lots of Love Readers!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And just like we did last year,  We are giving you another Thanksgiving Wedding inspiration board filled with great elements for a wedding celebrated with gratefulness and love. 

Here goes:

Spread the news of your wedding and spread the Thanksgiving cheers to your family and friends through your Thanksgiving Wedding Invitation. 

Opt for the radiant colors of autumn for your wedding entourage and overall wedding color scheme

Intimate indoor wedding ceremony

Here are some great table centerpiece options you can draw inspiration from:

Creative- a showcase of autumn blooms and mini pumpkins

Simple and minimalist - clear vases with nuts topped with a flower

Lush and romantic - alternately arrange flowers in vases of varying heights

Go traditional
Line tables with candles, fruits and vegetables from the season's bountiful harvest

Put together interesting pieces that exude elegance and style

Add a musky and aromatic touch to your place cards with a sprig of rosemary

Aside from your usual wedding menu, serve some treats for guests to enjoy while they party the night away. You can serve some chips in apple crates.

or even popcorn!

Serve up irresistible trifle desserts

and some fruity sangria with apples and pears infused with cloves and nutmeg

For a rustic look, go for a near naked wedding cake

You can also opt for a multi-layer spiced cake iced in traditional white icing

For your wedding favors, you can give away preserve-filled mason jars or packs of specialty trail mix.

Tip:Send out your wedding shout-outs early to give your out-of-towner friends and relatives ample time to make travel plans for your wedding. 

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pine Cone Wedding

Lovely greetings to our Lots of Love Readers!

'Tis another season of love in the fall! There are several things that remind us of this wonderful season and one of them is pine cones. For this article, we collected interesting choices for wedding elements that showcase them.

Here are some ideas worth considering:
Simple wedding invitation with pine cone accents.

Combine November blooms with pine cones to make a cool bridal bouquet.

Skip the standard flowers and opt for a small pine cone boutonniere

Pine cone bouquets for the bridesmaids.

A simple token of gratitude for your bridesmaids and maid of honor for helping you out on your grand day.

Go ahead and spruce up the ring cushion with some pine accents.

Pine cone pomanders and garland make a simple wedding decor for a wedding ceremony.

Lovely basket to hold those wedding programs.

Try simple decorating solutions like pine cone place card holders

and pine cone candle holders

Awe guests with this fruity centerpiece with potpourri 

Floating candles and pines should work pretty well too!

Pine cones adds character to simple floral arrangement

Showcase the wonderful colors of autumn with a centerpiece of candles, leaves, flowers and pines.

Spiced cake make a lovely choice for a fall wedding cake.
Dress it up with plain white frosting and decorate it with fruits and pine cones.

If you're aiming for a rustic look, dress up a four-tiered cupcake stand with burlap, fill it with your favorite cupcake and top it up with a pine cone decor

Beauty is in the fine details, especially in this delicately designed wedding cake of pine cones and needles.

Aren't these the cutest cake topper ever?

Simple additions that create a big visual impact - add some pine cones to your champagne and wine holders.

Another ingenious pine cone idea - use them as menu holders.

Thank guests with the perfect pine cone wedding favors - fire starters.

Usher the cool breeze of autumn with the sweet and fresh scent of pine cones and pine needles.

Lots of Love, 

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Apple Themed Wedding

Greetings to our Lots of Love Readers!

Nothing excites us more than planning a theme wedding that incorporates the elements of the season. For this article, we find our inspiration in the bountiful harvest of apples. Apples make a great wedding accessory because of its wonderful colors. You can choose from a variety of red, green and yellow colored versions of the fruit to compliment your desired wedding color palette.

Here's a look at apple-inspired wedding details: 

Playful and fruity wedding invitation

 A unique apple bouquet held together by a ribbon. 
Tuck in a locket with the pictures of the bride's dearly departed for a sentimental touch.

 Apple boutonnieres for the groom and his party. 

Wedding arch decorated with crab apples. 

Stack some apples on large clear vases to make a great aisle decor. 

Interesting wedding centerpiece of apples in clear vases with varying heights.

Simple table centerpiece of white flowers and Granny Smiths .

Go for an elegant centerpiece with deep colors of reds to blend with the natural colors of the season

Place holders that double up as fruity treat for guests to enjoy

Accent pieces that will surely catch everybody's attention

Here's another creative idea - apple candle holders!

The perfect dessert to your apple-inspired wedding: caramel apples

Make a statement with this apple inspired wedding cake

Serve some ginger apple bourbon drink

And give away some chocolate-coated apples for guests to enjoy after the party.

Transform the ordinary into awesome creations that will create lasting impressions on everyone attending your wedding!

Lots of Love, 

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